MASTERY OF THE MIND Workshop, Salford Spiritualist Centre, Saturday 16 November 2019


MASTERY OF THE MIND Workshop, Salford Spiritualist Centre, Saturday 16 November 2019

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Salford Spiritualist Centre, 129 Cross Ln, Salford M5 4HH


Saturday 16th November 2019 

Fee:     Normally £100           

On Sale £20.00 (All proceeds will be donated to Salford Spiritualist Centre)


8:30am – 9:00am. 


9:00am - 5:00pm. Workshop begins promptly, all signing in, must be complete prior to the start of the work shop.


45 Minutes (Please bring your lunch with you)


Dr Miranda Vincins, PsyD., CPsychol., AFBPsS.

About the Trainer:

Dr Miranda Vincins, is a British Chartered Clinical Psychologist and is the Director of The Center for Insight & Awareness. Dr Vincins works extensively with the US Military. She has over twenty years of experience in mental health and has extensive experience conducting one to one, and group therapy for spiritual development. She has provided psychological development for Healers, Psychics and Mediums in the UK and the USA, and works with all level of professional healers to accomplish their personal goals in their spiritual development.


In this workshop, the psychological meets the spiritual in your mediumship development. This workshop addresses specifically the psychological pitfalls in your development. If you have negative self-talk, can be insecure about your abilities and have low self-confidence when working with your abilities, then this work shop is for you. Discover how to truly enhance your mediumship abilities by overcoming psychological barriers. This workshop is for designed for any level of Medium that feels they would like to understand more about the mastery of their mind, and how this effects their mediumship You will learn:

·       What is the mind, thoughts and beliefs and how do they connect to your mediumship?

·       Does your life experience effect the way you think, and thereby affect your mediumship?

·       How is your mind influenced by mediumship and how does mediumship influence your mind?

·       Does it matter that you have negative thoughts in your mediumship?

·       Can you control your thoughts to enhance your mediumship? 

·       Is your mediumship affected by your judgement of fellow mediums? 

·       Where do thoughts and feelings of judgement and criticism come from and how can it affect your mediumship? 

·       Can feeling depressed, or anxious affect your mediumship?  

·       Can trauma, abandonment, neglect or abuse, that you have experienced, effect your mediumship?

·       How to gain mastery of your mind and ultimately all you desire in your mediumship.  

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is not for practicing your Mediumship. All exercises throughout the day are dedicated to mastery of the self and NOT to linking with Spirit World. Instead, you will be guided to link with your own higher self.

Terms and Conditions:  

No refunds will be given.  All proceeds of this event will be donated to Salford Spiritualist Centre.


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