It is quite normal for Therapists to have their own unique style of providing therapy to their clients.  The following is what to expect in therapy with The Center for Insight & Awareness.


Even though you may feel stuck, desperate, unhappy, or confused, each client has an inner knowing of what they want out of life, and an internal compass of how they will achieve it. We help clients to uncover their inner strength, to uncover their own inner power so this force can help them move past barriers to create the life they deserve.  

Short Term Therapy

We provide Brief Therapy, in which clients spend approximately 8- 35 sessions in therapy to address their presenting problem. 

 Long Term Therapy

If you have a long standing issue, or a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or a traumatic history, we will provide long term therapy.  

What to Expect in Therapy

All sessions begin and end on time. Patients are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to session to complete the necessary mandatory paper work required prior to each session.

The First Session:

  • 45 minutes in length.

  • Signing policy and procedures

  • Establish reason for treatment

  • Complete assessment testing to measure different psychological symptoms

  • No Therapy takes place in the first and second session due to completing the assessment and evaluation and review of policy and procedures.

Second Sessions: 

  • 45 minutes in length.

  • Complete assessment testing to measure different psychological symptoms

  • Gather your history and the symptoms causing you the most distress

  • Formulate a treatment plan

  • Establish what you would like to accomplish from therapy

Third Session and Proceeding Sessions:

  • 45 minutes in length

  • Complete assessment testing to measure different psychological symptoms

  • Patient discusses issues that are concerning them

  • Therapist guides patient via evidenced based practices such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help patient to reach their desired treatment goals.

Know that with every step you take in therapy, you make a better tomorrow for yourself.