The following are just a brief selection of Testimonials received from patients.  

Patient confidentiality maintained. All names have been changed and permission granted.

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Peter - Active duty airman

I have never considered myself to "need" therapy, and after this experience I realise my views on therapy kept me from accessing it.  Working with Dr Vincins gave me a chance to explore what I really want out of life and how to create a realistic plan to accomplish it.  

John and Sarah

Thank you Dr Vincins for helping us to strengthen our marriage. We are stronger than we have ever been.  At first my husband did not want to attend therapy, as he does not believe in it, but once he saw that I was becoming less anxious, he joined me in one of the sessions you invited him too.  This led him to get his own referral and after we both started seeing you for individual therapy, our marriage began to heal and he went from fighting to being tolerant and patient of each other.  Our kids are clearly happier because we are happy with each other.  Thank you so much.  

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I was very confused when I first met with Dr Vincins. After seeing so many different therapists since childhood, I thought going to her would be just like my prior experiences. But she held me accountable and said that this "will be therapy to end all therapy." She was right! It was never easy, she shoots from the hip, and there were days I wondered what the point was.  But ultimately I trusted her, she believed in me and now I feel free, healthy and strong.