Terms and Conditions


Patient Rights and Risks:

•       The Center for Insight & Awareness (TCFIAA) is A UK Independent Clinical Psychology Private Practice.  

•       TCFIAA follows both US and UK codes of ethics, regulations, compliance and laws.  Where there is a conflict TCFIAA reserves the right to follow the most restrictive or appropriate of these guidelines.  

•       All staff at TCFIAA are Mandatory Reporters:

o   Mandatory reporting is the US legislative requirement for selected classes of people to report recentsuspectedsuicide, homicide, abuse, neglect or harm to government authorities.  

o   Any information you provide pertaining to alleged current child, adult or elderly abuse, the inability to care for one’s basic needs for food, clothing or shelter, and threatened harm to oneself or others will be reported to appropriate authorities.

•       TCFIAA is an evidenced based Independent Practice.EvidenceBased Practice (EBP) is an approach to care that integrates the best available research evidence-based care with clinical expertise and patient values.

•       TCFIAA provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy, as well as other evidenced based treatment.  

•       You are encouraged to be your own patient advocate and we encourage to you to ask questions about any aspect of your care with us.    

•       Therapy is most effective when you are open and can speak honestly about your emotions and experiences.

•       Therapy may include talking about emotionally provoking subjects and scenarios.   

•       Therapy is based on Brief Therapy and not extensive sessions beyond clinical stability.  Most therapy cases close within a six-month time frame, if a patient is stable.  

•       TCFIAA provides treatment recommendations for intensive therapy (greater than one session per week) to stabilize mood and reduce symptoms. 

•       Your therapist is not guaranteed and may change during your time in therapy.  For this reason, you may have more than one therapist in session, for the purposes of training, treatment consistency and patient care.

•       If you need to book additional sessions, your therapist is not guaranteed.  

•       Your case is discussed in clinical supervision, aspects of your case may be discussed with administrative staff for the purposes of scheduling, audits and other administrative requirements, and will remain confidential at all times, except in the cases where Mandatory Reporting is involved.

•       Supervision/consultation of your case is for the purposes of treatment planning.  TCFIAA reserve the right to consult on and off Military base providers to on a need to know basis for the purposes of assisting your care.

•       TCFIAA will have to refer your case back to RAF Lakenheath base if you require the care of a multi-disciplinary team, such as in the cases of chronic suicidal ideation with a plan, homicidal ideation or domestic violence.  

•       Psychological testing data from your assessment and evaluation (intake) will be used for evidenced based research, as TCFIAA is an evidenced based clinical private practice.  

•       TCFIAA reserves the right to refer your case back to RAF Lakenheath if they are unable to provide appropriate or adequate treatment.  

 Patient Cancellations & No Show:

•        All cancelled appointments and No-Show appointments is reported to your insurance company. 

•        You are fully responsible for the total fee of your No-Show sessions, 

•        The Definition of a No Show is when you miss your scheduled appointment and you do not email or call to notify TCFIAA that you are unable to attend. 

•        If you No Show your case will be subject to immediate closure. 

•        If you have two No Shows, your case will close immediately. 

•        TCFIAA reserves the right to close your case without warning due to violation of the attendance policy.  A No Show is considered a violation of the attendance policy and is considered non-adherence to treatment.  

 Patient New Authorizations:

•       You are expected to track the number of sessions utilized in your insurance referral, when you have 4 sessions left, you are required to request a new authorization from your referring doctor or your insurance company directly.  

•       If you do not have a current referral, your case will automatically be put in to a Pending Closure Status and will be held open for two weeks and your case will be automatically closed if a referral is not received in this time frame.  

•       When you do not have current referral, you will not be permitted to attend therapy.

 Patient Appointments:

•       All office visits are by appointment only.

•       It is expected you will arrive 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

•       You have up until your scheduled appointment time to be late, as you are required to be here 10 minutes before your appointment time, if you are not here by the scheduled time of the appointment you will only be permitted in your session until 8 minutes past the hour.  

•       The length of an appointment is 45 minutes.  

•       You may not have a double session, however, if you have available sessions remaining in your referral, you may have a session the next day, subject to availability. 

Patient Fees:

•       TCFIAA will bill your insurance company for services provided. 

•       Fees reflect therapy time and document administration. For every 45 minutes of therapy received, approximately 4-5 hours of administration takes place per session per week, regardless of whether the patient attends. This administration time includes, but is not limited to: legal mandatory documentation, billing procedures, management of your referral, medical record audit, accounting, and case supervision. 

•       You will receive a statement each month reflecting any balance due on your account.  

•       There are approximate, yearly increases in the cost of services rendered for treatment. This increase occurs due to the running costs to provide services to you.  

Patient Gifts:

•        Gift exchange is prohibited.

 Patient Crisis:

•        In Case of Emergencies: TCFIAA are not a crisis center:

•        Under the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) UK guidelines, TCFIAA is prohibited from providing crisis care to individuals. Therefore, if you are in crisis, you understand that you may be referred back to the US Air Force Base for further assessment and evaluation. 

•        Crisis is considered extreme or chronic mood decompensation, it may include, but is not limited to; suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, current domestic violence, current sexual assault, abuse, neglect or harm.  In cases of crisis please seek immediate assistance from your nearest 24-hour Accident and Emergency Hospital, RAF Lakenheath hospital, Military Police or UK Police.  

 Patient Release of Information:

•             I authorize TCFIAA to use or disclose the following information from my mental health record, which may include information about psychiatric diagnosis and treatment and substance abuse issues to the RAF Lakenheath ,Referral Management Office on behalf of TRICARE:  Dates of Treatment & Number of Billed Sessions, Psychological Assessment Evaluation, Condensed Assessment Evaluation, Treatment Plan, Discharge Plan, Progress Notes, Communication about your case with the for treatment planning requirements.  

•     I understand that, unless withdrawn, this authorization will not expire.  

•     I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying TCFIAA. in writing, and this authorization will cease to be effective on the date notified except to the extent action has already been taken in reliance upon it.

•     I understand that by withdrawing/negating my consent to release information to TRICARE that they may not be able to have enough clinical information on my case to provide further authorization for mental health services with TCFIAA.

•     I understand that information used or disclosed pursuant to this authorization may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient and no longer be protected by UK privacy regulations. 

 Patient Medical Records:  

•       TCFIAA acknowledge that you have the right to your medical record.

•       You agree and understand that by reading your mental health medical record that it may be distressing and cause a regression in your therapeutic gains.  

•       You agree and understand that you may access your medical record and that TCFIAA require up to 90 days to be able to give you a copy of your medical record.

•       You agree and understand that if you request your medical record, it must be initiated through filling out a medical records request form at TCFIAA and that in order to start the process, a non-refundable fee of £50 is required to be paid to TCFIAA.

 Patient Confidentiality:

•       All the information you provide during your assessment and evaluation, as well as therapy sessions, will be used in your initial Psychological Evaluation as well as in status reports provided to your insurance provider.

•       All session notes taken by your therapist during therapy may be used as evidence in a court of law.

•       All medical records are returned to your respective Base via Referral Management.  

•       Psychological Reports are released to your insurance provider.

•       Your medical record will be released to TRICARE and any auditing bodies.  

•       It is understood that information regarding treatment and diagnosis will be provided to an insurance company.

•       No part of your medical record will be released to any family member or friend for any reason, including upon your death, unless ordered by a court of law. 

•       You agree and understand that TCFIAA are prohibited to complete any document that they have not received training in, this includes writing any document or psychological evaluation for litigation purposes and TCFIAA cannot provide you disability, child custody, forensic or any type of other assessment other than for your current assessment and evaluation treatment outlined via your current referral.  

•        If you see anyone you know while in the waiting area, staff who you know outside of their work with work for TCFIAA, or friends who may also seek treatment with TCFIAA, you agree to ignore each other in TCFIAA and understand it is a breach of confidentiality to discuss your treatment with each other. 

•        You will not discuss your therapy outside of therapy with friends, family, spouses, unless it is for therapeutic purposes guided by your therapist.

•        For your privacy and your therapist; if you bump into each other outside of therapy, you will not acknowledge or greet each other.  

•        It is unethical for your therapist to be disclosing personal details, any part of their life or history.  Even so, at times they may use superficial examples from their own lives, but they will be used on only rear occasions at the therapist’s discretion. 

 Patient Informed Consent:

•       TCFIAA supports the practice of protection of human participants in evidenced based clinical practice and research.  The following will provide you with information about the experiment that will help you in deciding whether or not you wish to participate.  If you agree to participate, please be aware that you are free to withdraw at any point throughout the duration of the experiment without any penalty.

 •       In this study we will ask you to fill out psychological testing which is already a part of your routine paper work of ongoing mandatory assessment requirements.  This data will be utilized to measure the effectiveness of treatment and specifically will be looking to measure the overall improvement of trauma, depression and anxiety symptoms

•       All information you provide will remain confidential and will not be associated with your name.  Your participation in this study will require approximately 15 minutes.  When this study is complete you will be provided with the results of the experiment if you request them, and you will be free to ask any questions.  If you have any further questions concerning this study, please feel free to contact us through phone or email. The study is voluntary, and you may opt out via writing.  All information will be kept confidential and your name will not be associated with any research findings.