CANCELLED Thursday, February 1st 2018 (11am - 12pm): Hypnosis for Psychic Development

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CANCELLED Thursday, February 1st 2018 (11am - 12pm): Hypnosis for Psychic Development

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This event is for USAF Active Duty and their Spouses located in the UK.   

Hypnosis for Psychic Development

Depending where you are born, and the family culture you are born into, psychic experiences are either of the devil (western society), or they are of God, and for some, a little of both.  In most eastern societies psychic awareness is an unwavering guidance system used to help an individual through their life experience.  Nonetheless, in western societies, by adulthood, most people can report at least one experience they have had, which they can not explain, and attribute to a psychic experience.  Many mothers find themselves becoming more intuitive once they have children and often report experiences where they just “know” something is going on with their child, even though there is no outward sign. If you are curious and would like to develop your own psychic ability then this Hypnosis workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will be taken through a group hypnosis to:

  • Uncover your intuitive ability
  • Open your awareness to increased psychic experiences
  • Increase your ability to help guide your decision making ability
  • Learn how to use your new found ability to achieve greater happiness
  • If you have a history of mental illness such as schizophrenia, Hypnosis is not recommended. 

For best results weekly continued participation in this group is encouraged. 

Availability LIMITED: Online Payment Required to Secure Attendance.  

  • Participant must arrive ten minutes prior to the start. Workshop will begin and end on time.
  • Workshop is from 11am – 12pm
  • Fee due at time of online checkout (£15 Sale Price)
  • Please note that the building where the class is being held does not have disability access and is on the 2nd floor of The Center for Insight & Awareness. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

About the Trainer

Dr Miranda Vincins, Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Center for Insight & Awareness was born in to a culture where Mystics, Yogi’s and Realized Beings were of the norm.  Seeking her own understanding since childhood, she has discovered her own path to developing intuition and applying this successfully to achieve a sense of wellbeing and happiness.  As soon as she began her career in Mental Health in 1992 her life long exploration soon led her to work with Shamans, Reiki Healers, and Native Indian Medicine Men who quickly recognized her ability. Together they worked in psychiatric hospitals with children, adolescents and adults, to help them tap into their own natural ability.  Over the years she has run international workshops to help individuals develop their own psychic ability through Hypnosis.   

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