treatment status for RAF Lakenheath AND RAF Mildenhall



Cancellation of Sessions: Until further Notice

To all Patients and Patients on the Waitlist for The Center for Insight & Awareness from RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall, UK. There have been many rumours about the status of care and the fact that The Center for Insight & Awareness is closing. This office is NOT closing, and was never slated to close.

It is true that there has been significant disruption to all services since July 2019 and then later, starting 1st September 2019. The later was due to RAF Lakenheath halting your referrals, for reasons unknown to both The Center for Insight & Awareness or to TRICARE.

I respect that the Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) must work within their objectives and due to the nature of safety and confidentiality, it is sometimes not appropriate to make objectives and changes to policy, public. Therefore, please do not be angry at RAF Lakenheath for making decisions that may be for the greater good.

Respectfully, I am eager to try and resolve the situation with the Base. However, the situation is changing frequently and therefore, I have been unable to contact any patients in regard to the status of their care, except to send out emails to current patients delaying their current care.  

For waitlisted patients you have not received notification of your place on the waitlist as we are required to triage our current patients first, therefore, can not predict wait times for your enrolment as a patient.

We apologise sincerely for the disruption in your treatment schedule. We are working with RAF Lakenheath and TRICARE to resolve the disruption in service.  Unfortunately, as a result, we will have to cancel your scheduled session(s) until further notice and will be in contact with you to further advise.   

I know this is upsetting, and I understand most just want answers. But I can not give you information, that is erroneous, misleading, or in effect, keeps changing. There are many rumours I am hearing back from patients and friends we have on the Bases. To date, none of these rumours have any semblance of truth.

We are proud sponsors of the Base and we are proud to serve the US Military with quality of care mental health services that are evidenced based, effective and successful. It is truly an honour to support Military Families and we go above and beyond to ensure we create programming to prevent psychiatric hospitalisation, prevent marriage breakdowns, prevent suicide and prevent homicide.

I am so proud of my staff and my patients who all develop strong therapeutic alliances. On a daily basis we see our patients regain their emotional strength and learn how to power through the worst of adversity. We witness healing, and transformation with our patients and it is a beautiful thing.

If you are unable to wait until we are able to contact you to advise you further about your scheduled sessions, you may seek another referral to another provider by contacting either your referring doctor on Base or by contacting Referral Management on Base. If you are in crisis you may go directly to the Emergency Room at RAF Lakenheath Hospital, or to any other 24-Hour Accident and Emergency (A&E) Hospital in the UK for an assessment and evaluation.  

Once again please accept our deepest apologies and we hope that the situation is resolved soon.    


Dr Miranda Vincins, CPsychol., AFBPsS


The Center for Insight & Awareness.