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"I am a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist with a speciality in providing confidential therapy for professionals in high end executive global leadership positions. This includes, but is not limited to; fellow therapists, CEO's, CFO's, directors, doctors, lawyers, government or state officials, as well as members of prominent heritage families. Additionally, I provide confidential therapy to current Active Duty US Military Service Men and their Spouses located in the UK.

Clients seek me out as they feel unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, numb, agitated, confused, or angry. They know they have the power and the desire to feel differently, but have some how found themselves in an ongoing dilemma of not feeling the ability to meet their own potential.

My expertise in success, helps me to navigate the complex issues that arise out of any type life experience. You do not have to have an identified "problem". I will help you to uncover your strengths, desires and navigate you back to fulfilling all you know you can be."

Dr Miranda Vincins