FEE: £100/per 45 minute session

What you should know prior to booking a Past Life Regression:

  • Past Life Regression is not considered therapy, and is for entertainment purposes only.

  • A Past Life Regression experience is not guaranteed

  • All sessions are non-refundable and not dependant on your ability to be hypnotised.

What is Hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is an altered stated of consciousness, that you experience daily; right before you drift off to sleep and right before you wake up.

  • Hypnosis is achieved through guided imagery relaxation.

  • Hypnosis is safe and you can not remain under hypnosis, as it is a “sleep” state and you will automatically wake up with, or without suggestion from the hypnotist.

  • Because Hypnosis is a sleep state, once awake, you do feel like you have had a nap and been dreaming. You will remember everything that happened during your hypnotic state.

What is Past Life Regression?

  • Past Life Regression is hypnosis and considered to be the deepest level of hypnosis.

  • Only 50% of people can be hypnotized. Of the 50%, only 25% have the ability to experience a past life regression successfully.

  • It can take up to six sessions for someone to experience hypnosis and after that, usually no more than four sessions to experience a Past Life Regression. Dr Vincins will assess your ability to be hypnotised in the first session and make recommendations.

  • When you experience a Past Life Regression successfully, you more often than not, will regress to previous lifetimes that you have lived before. Under hypnosis you will bring forward experiences from past lives that you are working on in this life time.

  • You do not need to believe in reincarnation or past lives to experience a past life. However, the more skeptical you are, the less likely you will allow your mind to travel beyond the scope of waking consciousness.

  • In a successful Past Life Regression, you will be guided to the end of each life time to experience lessons learned. If you wish, you may also move to the moment you chose your current lifetime.

  • It is recommended to dedicate a period of time for Past Life Regression. Clients who can achieve a Past Life Regression have greater insights when they book several appointments. Appointments do not need to be weekly.

How is Hypnosis different to Therapy?

  • Hypnosis was considered an acceptable form of therapy. It was used extensively by great psychology theorists, such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. It remained an acceptable mode of therapy for about one hundred years, until about the 1980’s where it could not be proven to be an “evidenced based” therapy technique. Since this time insurance companies will not accept it as a form of therapy and many Psychologists who are trained in evidenced based techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are no longer trained in Hypnosis, which was standard training in a doctoral or medical curriculum until the early 1990’s.

  • So you are right to be confused as to why it is not therapy, as it used to be. It is no longer considered therapy because; the science of Psychology can not prove that it is an effective therapy, therefore, insurance companies do not recognise it as such, and it is no longer a part of a therapists training.

  • Nonetheless, there is therapeutic value. A client gains accelerated insight in a Past Life Regression Hypnosis as well as regular Hypnosis. Therefore, the average Hypnosis client tends to book 8-10 sessions to gain insight on an issue, compared to therapy sessions in which clients can require as many as 30-60 sessions to work on one problem.

What if I have a Trauma History?

  • Be aware that any type of hypnosis is like opening a Pandora’s box. Hypnosis unlocks the subconscious mind; therefore, you cannot control what is revealed under hypnosis. However, to ensure a positive experience, Dr. Vincins provides a structured hypnosis process to allow the client to just focus on past life memories.

  • Dr. Vincins is a trained Clinical Psychologist with specific training and expertise in trauma, and is able to help the client navigate any negative memories revealed through hypnosis.

  • If you have a childhood or adolescent sexual trauma history, Hypnosis is not recommended, and you should only participate in talk therapy. You should NOT use Hypnosis to try and bring forward any type of repressed memory of abuse.

Is Dr Vincins an experienced trained Hypnotist?

  • Besides first receiving certification in hypnosis since 1994, and continued training since, Dr Vincins was also trained by world renowned Psychiatrist, and Author of Many Lives Many Masters. It is recommended you read this book prior to your first hypnosis session.

  • Dr Vincins has practiced Hypnosis in Psychiatric Hospitals and in Private Practice since 1994.

What will happen in my first Hypnosis session?

  • You will be interviewed by Dr. Vincins and evaluated for your ability to be hypnotized.

  •  You will undergo several mini hypnosis exercises to gradually reach ultra depth hypnosis.  You will be guided many times until you are able to review a past life.  

  • If you are successful in viewing a past life, you will be guided through the process to garner further insights into that lifetime, you will look at the relationships and see who you know in this life, that is in the past life.  You will be taken to the end of that past life so you may review the past life and gain further awareness.  

  • By the end of this session Dr Vincins will let you know if you are a good candidate for further hypnosis, and if you are not, she will also let you know. You still have the option of booking all ten sessions if you would really like to see if you can achieve a Past Life experience through Hypnosis, but if Dr Vincins recommends that you are not an appropriate candidate for Past Life Regression, it is likely that even after the tenth session you will not experience a Past Life Regression under Hypnosis.

Will I receive suggestions, like on T.V., where people are made to do things; like bark like a dog with a Hypnosis suggestion?

  • In short, NO.

  • This type of hypnosis is considered Stage Hypnosis. Even though Dr Vincins is trained in Stage Hypnosis as a part of her overall Hypnotist training, she NEVER has clients participate in this type of hypnosis in her sessions.

Can I bring someone in with me into the Hypnosis Session?

  • No. Hypnosis is a very personal experience and just as in therapy, confidentiality must be maintained.

  • If you are uncomfortable being hypnotised with your eyes closed for the duration of the session, you may open you eyes at anytime.

  • Dr Vincins can also hypnotise you with your eyes open so that you feel safe during the session. However, this will affect your ability to possibly experience a Past Life Regression under Hypnosis.

How can Past Life Regression benefit me?

  • Past Life Regression, is probably one of the most exceptional experiences you can undertake. 

  • With a successful regression, clients report sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, decreased anxiety, diminished fears and trusting in what the future holds for them. 

  • Clients are able to overcome phobias, understand relationships and improve communication with loved ones. 

  • Many clients are also able to learn and gain insight and awareness at an accelerated rate about their current life and how it fits into the grand scheme of their being. 

  • Past Life Regression has the ability to improve your spiritual awareness and for many, increase intuitive abilities.

DISCLAIMER: A Past Life Regression experience is not guaranteed and therefore NOT refundable.