FEE All New Clients: £350/3 hour initial session

FEE Existing Clients: £125/hour (Existing clients who have undergone the initial 3 hour session)


What You Should Know Prior to Booking a Past Life Regression:

  • A Past Life Regression experience is not guaranteed
  • Past Life Regression is hypnosis and considered to be the deepest level of hypnosis.
  • Only 50% of people can be hypnotized.  Of the 50% only 25% have the ability to experience a past life regression successfully.
  • Be aware that any type of hypnosis is like opening a Pandora’s box.  Hypnosis unlocks the subconscious mind; therefore, you cannot control what is revealed under hypnosis.  However, to ensure a positive experience, Dr. Vincins provides a structured hypnosis process to allow the client to just focus on past life memories.  
  • Dr. Vincins is a trained Clinical Psychologist with specific training and expertise in trauma, and is able to help the client navigate any negative memories revealed through hypnosis.
  • When you experience a Past Life Regression successfully you more often than not, will regress to lifetimes in which you have brought forward experiences in this life time to work through.
  • In a successful Past Life Regression, you will be guided to the end of each life time to experience lessons learned.  If you wish, you may also move to the moment you chose your current lifetime.  
  • It is recommended to dedicate a period of time for Past Life Regression.  Clients have greater insights when they book several appointments, For Example booking 4 appointments over a period of 2 months.
  • As insight is accelerated in a Past Life Regression the average client tends to book 8-10 sessions compared to therapy sessions in which clients can require as many as 30 sessions to work on one problem.   

How Can Past Life Regression Benefit Me?

Past Life Regression, is probably one of the most exceptional experiences you can undertake.  With a successful regression clients report sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, letting go of anxiety, diminished fears and trusting in what the future holds for them.  Clients are able to overcome phobias, understand relationships and improve communication with loved ones.  Many clients are also able to learn and gain insight and awareness at an accelerated rate about their current life and how it fits into the grand scheme of their being.  Past Life Regression has the ability to improve your spiritual awareness and for many increase their psychic abilities.


You will be interviewed by Dr. Vincins and evaluated for your ability to be hypnotized.  You will undergo several mini hypnosis exercises to gradually reach ultra depth hypnosis.  You will be guided many times until you are able to review a past life.  If you are successful in viewing a past life, you will be guided through the process to garner further insights into that lifetime, you will look at the relationships and see who you know in this life, that is in the past life.  You will be taken to the end of that past life so you may review the past life and gain further awareness.  

DISCLAIMER: A Past Life Regression experience is not guaranteed.