We are not a crisis centre, however, we do provide an Intensive Treatment Program for patients who qualify.

Intensive Treatment Program for Clients

Intensive Treatment involves attending more than one session a week.  

For individuals that are heading into crisis, they will be evaluated for the  Intensive Treatment Program up to five days a week for daily Individual Therapy.   

The Center for Insight and Awareness has an approximate 97% success rate in reducing patient symptoms via the Intensive Treatment Program within a one month time frame.

Intensive Treatment Program for Individuals Discharged from a Psychiatric Hospital

Clients that require a step down program after their admission  to a psychiatric hospital,  may enter our Intensive Treatment Step Down Program.  

This involves attending 45 minute Individual Therapy Sessions five days a week and over a clinically appropriate period of time stepping down to four, three, two and eventually once a week therapy.  

All patients receive frequent assessment and evaluation of symptoms and we work in partnership with the USAF to ensure safety and appropriate care.  

INCLUSIONARY FACTORS:  US Air Force Active Duty and Spouses, TRICARE OR FMP referral required

EXCLUSIONARY FACTORS: Individuals eighteen years old and under