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Successful Record Keeping for Independent Practitioners

  • RADISSON BLU HOTEL London Stansted Airport, Waltham Close STANSTED, CM24 1PP UK (map)


Successful Record Keeping for Independent Practitioners is crucial If you are new to Independent Practice or thinking of setting up an Independent Practice. This is an area of Independent Practice that is often overlooked. 

As Independent Practitioners increase in volume throughout the UK and clients present with a multitude of acute, and many times, severe mental health issues, it is important to understand how this can lead to Independent Practitioners becoming legally vulnerable if they do not have appropriate record keeping. 

There are many facets to record keeping that can aid in running your practice with peace of mind. This workshop is an introduction in record keeping, that will not only aid you through-out the treatment process, but will also help to help facilitate treatment with your client.

Crucially, employing best practices in record keeping will assist in helping practitioners to remain within the guidelines for best practice with the British Psychological Society (BPS), Health & Care Professions Council (HCPS) and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for record keeping as well as per UK Law.

This workshop will also review the relevance of reviewing the American Psychological Association (APA) Record Keeping Guidelines and how it can greatly enhance clarity and guidance for record keeping.


  • Define record keeping, its function and the relevance in Independent Practice.

  • Review the British Psychological Society (BPS), Health & Care Professions Council (HCPS) and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for record keeping.

  • Review UK legislation for record keeping.

  • Review the American Psychological Association (APA) best practices in record keeping why it is relevant and how it differs from UK guidelines.  

  • Understand how to apply APA record keeping guidelines to enhance BPS, HCPC, NICE and UK law guidelines for successful record keeping.

  • Explore the record keeping that pertains to the needs in the context of the client population that you serve in your own individual independent practice?

  • Address the gap of record keeping within the context of your own individual Independent Practice. 

  • Identify a draft corrective plan to address any gaps in record keeping within your own Independent Practice.


This is for all practitioners considering: opening an Independent Practice, new to Independent Practice, or feel they have gaps in their knowledge, in regard to this part of their current Independent Practice.


New Independent Practitioners as well as those considering Independent Practice will:

  • Learn best practices for standards required in Independent Practice to assist with record keeping, under recommended best practice for record keeping set forth by the BPS, HCPC, NICE, and UK legislation.

  • Learn how to apply relevant APA best practice guidelines for record keeping success.

  • Assess and evaluate your own current records in place

  • Learn how to assess and evaluate gaps within current record keeping

  • Assess and evaluate utilisation of your current record keeping compared to those in the stated guidelines set forth by the BPS, HCPC, NICE and UK law.

  • Assess and evaluate areas for improvement in record keeping.


Dr Miranda Vincins is the Director of The Center for Insight and Awareness in Independent Practice.  She has worked extensively with the US Military. Since opening Independent Practice in the UK in 2013. She has over twenty years experience providing extensive training including, but not limited to, Record Keeping, Risk Management, Crisis Training, Documentation, Quality Control, Lean Six Sigma, Performance Management and Applied Psychology within Therapy.  Additionally, she provides well-being workshops to improve mental health for local communities both in the USA and the UK

She has extensive experience with US government in Mental Health. She facilitated the design and implementation of the State of Florida’s Business Plan, Strategic Plan and Performance Measures in Mental Health for Miami-Dade County .She has performed extensive internal audits for the State of Florida, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health facilities and other treatment facilities with record keeping and document quality control.

Friday 24th January 2020 BPS Approved CPD: Successful Record Keeping for Independent Practitioners
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