1. Identification: Is something wrong?

a.   You do not feel like yourself

b.   You are no longer motivated

c.   You may be easily fatigued

d.   You may feel a constant anger or frustration and irritation

e.   You are engaging in behaviours to numb your painful feelings: drinking, smoking, using drugs, promiscuous sex

f.    You feel like isolating from others

g.   When you are around others you feel alone, or out of place

h.   You often feel overwhelmed

i.     It feels at times as if you can not breathe

j.     Others have noticed your mood and are bringing it to your attention

2.    Emotion Regulation: Difficulty self regulating your emotions:

a.   You identify something is wrong and attempt to change but struggle with the same issues (listed above)

3.    Clarity:Seeking professional help from a trained clinician you:

a.   Gain acceptance that you need help to feel good again

b.   Begin to understand how things deteriorated for you and how it effected your functioning

c.   Find liberation, having gained insight & awareness into past circumstances that contributed to you invisible wounds, so that you may naturally and effortlessly employ strength based coping strategies in your life. 

d.   Learn how to prevent future difficult circumstances from becoming overwhelming and the same thing happening again 

e.   Employ your wisdom for the rest of your life from lessons learned