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The Center for Insight & Awareness provides Active Duty Airmen as well as retires with private and confidential weekly therapy.  If you are Active Duty you will receive first priority in booking your appointment time to accommodate your working schedule.  We reserve 8am, 11am or 4pm appointments for Active Duty to work around your work schedule.  In rear instances that Active Duty require a 7am appointment we can also make this possible. We are available via Skype or Phone if you can not make your regularly scheduled appointment due to work commitments. Individual Therapy is covered by TRICARE and the Foreign Medical Program (FMP). Therapy always starts at the top of the hour, begins and ends on time, and lasts for forty five minutes.   

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Intensive Individual Therapy can be accessed for Active Duty Airmen in cases where they feel an intensity to what they are dealing with and this intensity is disruptive either to their working life, family life or within themselves.  Intensive Therapy is where we provide Individual Therapy more than once a week, and in certain situations, you may access this treatment up to five times a week. The Intensive Program was designed to help individuals including Active Duty Airmen return to being themselves as soon as possible. This intensive program has an excellent success rate, and most who attend find immediate relief within the first week.